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Begining of a new chapter

Epic title..i know. 

But actually it’s accurate…i’m starting this “diary” because i just really need to write sometimes…i don’t write good as a book or something…it’s just me writing random things… And i realised that i’m 19 and a half…when i’ll be older…i’ll want to know how my life was…and what i thought at this time…

So for a short intro i’m 19 and a half years old…i just finished my high school and i tried to get into military medicine university and i failed…so i’m taking a year to learn and prepare myself for the admission.

English is not my language…i don’t even know that much…but i’m okay i guess…

This was the first day i started to prepare again…i went to the gym with my dad (he’s my best friend). It was the first time i ever walked into a gym and it was so soo awesome…i’m so excited! Tomorrow i’ll do a bit of  cardio and i’ll learn a bit of my admission book ( antomy) 

Today was a good day 🙂

So yeah…that’s it for today.


14 thoughts on “Begining of a new chapter

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging : ) I hope you find it as helpful as I have. Just laying down my life/thoughts into words helps me out in a way I never anticipated when I first started.

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    • I really like your blogs
      As soon as i find how i can follow that one too i’ll do it
      I just love reading pieces of people lifes and their way of thinking..here on blogs…
      Happy blogging and blessings for you too!


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  2. oh you are so kind with your words… you will do great blogging. just an fyi… to sign in on my R&R on the top right of the post it say Do not miss a thing. Maybe it needs to say subscribe… what do you think? I am open for suggestions. please do. blessings


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