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I know i am an introvert person but still…i struggle to spend time with people. They always get me feeling tired and at some point i want to just run away from them and be alone. But the paradox is that i don’t like feeling lonely. It’s just that people suffocate me. 

That’s why i don’t have close friends…i can’t keep up with more than 1 friendship…it’s exhausting…

So that was the way i lived my life until now…socially awkward…staying away from people and at the same time crying because i’m not social and i don’t have friends…

Will i ever get over this?  I mean i don’t mind it right now..cuz  i have my boyfriend that is supportive and respects my space and knows how i feel and understands me…but honestly if i were him i wouldnt understant me. So i could just live my life with him and be okay i don’t need more interaction…but it still makes me feel like i have a problem..

I’m so confused…


4 thoughts on “Confused

  1. I’m 46 and have few friends, well, if I’m honest one real one and a few I see in a particular social environment. He has been my friend since the age of 15, my point, as a fellow introvert, is that when we grow old we may not have a lot of “friends”, but we have a few good friendships, with one or two that are absolute rocks. Introverts tend to see the world from within, with pause and with a thought process that for the social world of now, now, now; takes too long. You don’t have a problem, you just have to find a social setting that suits you.

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    • You’re right! Also i have a lot of time, when i’ll go to university i’ll probably make some “social environment” friends and i’ll feel better then.
      Thank you for the thoughts! It’s really comforting 🙂


  2. I don’t know if this thing happens to a lot of people, but it definitely happens to me. I don’t have a boyfriend but I definitely have a phone that I always use for facade, oh… And novels too😊

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