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Worth of life

So here is this old friend named Ana and i kinda feel bad for her because she is so strong and beautiful but she doesn’t have any luck in love or anyting really and she feels so down…and i wish i could make her feel better…i wish i could give her some self esteem and some courage to live the life she has…cuz she’s so damn young and the world is so big and amazing and even if life is hard sometimes…it’s worth it if you find the happiness in the little things…

I used to be depressed and anxious and i cried all the time and hated life and had very very low self esteem…i tried to kill myself and all…but one day…i got better…i know my boyfriend helped me so much…and maybe love healed the wounds i kept in me…

My mom has a word ” Don’t take life too seriously…you’ll never get out  alive anyway” 

And it is kinda true…i mean…if i ever feel like life is no longer what i want and is not worth living…i’m gonna run away…and make all the things i never had courage to do…and just find the reason to live…

It’s such a silly thing to give up life…you must be a coward…

I’m glad i didn’t manage to kill myself.


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