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Baby miracle

So today i was a photographer to a baby shower of my dad’s friends…it was so cute taking pictures of that little piece of sunshine! He has blue eyes and he seems to look just like his father. 

I just love kids so much…the whole pregnancy is a miracle…thinking that a life is growing inside you…a child is born…your child…blood from your blood. It’s just so awesome… They are so small and pure…they eyes are so innocent and they are soo cute. 

My favourite moment is when the kid is taking one of your finger in that little hand and they squeez it while looking in your eyes. *melting*

At the party…i just couldnt hold myself…i cried so much…cuz the parents looked so in love and very very happy and the god father and the god mother slow danced and they all hugged and i just died.

I know how much the parents wish for that child and the way they looked today made me sure of the fact that they will be a happy family. 
Just me being emotional…

Kitty ^_^


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