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I’m afraid i might be pregnant…it’s like impossible…because we used protection and we were very carefull…so it’s literally impossible…but my paranoia it’s killing me. I have irregular menstruation and instead of 28 days my cycle is 34…but now…it’s been 5 weeks..and i’m very late. And i’m so si afraid. I’m too young for this…i’m not emotionally prepared. Tomorrow i’ll buy a pregnancy test…

God help me.


10 thoughts on “Afraid!

  1. This will be little comfort, but my daughter got pregnant on the contraceptive shot she received once a quarter, I think. Depovera shot. I got pregnant with a IUD and while on the pill. Don’t count on a condom, please. You can have 3 or 4 pregnancies out of 100. Not good odds. Take care 🙂

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    • Wow…didn’t know this… I wish i had a mother to tell me this because this is so important and i didn’t read any of this on the internet…
      My dad said that a condom used correctly is more safe than anything and if it would break there is plan b pill…
      But now i’m so confused and scared…


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