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Autumn feel

I like to be cozy and just stay in bed and drink coffee or tea and watch some movies…or read a good book….but i can’t really relax enough to do this…it’s like i’m always stressed…

And i like rain…but summer rain when it’s warm and i can dance and jump in water on the road…

Autumn in kinda giving me a depressed feeling…it’s getting colder and colder and this is the time my boyfriend goes to university…and i just feel alone..and the weather is not helping.

I was never a big fan of thick clothes and gloves and hats…and stuff like that…

The best part about autumn is the colours of the trees..and there are some sunny days too…

Good night



2 thoughts on “Autumn feel

  1. Hey, Kitty… I know what you mean about how dismal Autumn can seem. I would spiral down when the weather started getting bad and hit rock bottom over the winter. Every bloomin’ year. The doc finally checked my vitamin D level and lo and behold I had very little. She put me on a supplement. Made a world of difference in my moods over the cold months. Something to check out if that’s a pattern with you, too. Feel better! And thanks so much for the follow. I look forward to seeing you around the blogs. 🙂

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