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I think i always struggled with insomnia…i took pills…i drink tea…i took a bath..i did every advice ever…and even when i was little i still had sleep problems…it’s wierd…

I wish i could just sit in bed and fall asleep in 5 minutes…

This sleep problems affect my entire life i swear…cuz i always feel a bit tired…in the morning i want to kill everybody just so i can get a little more sleep…and at night i just lay in bed for like an hour or more…and i feel like i’m loosing time…

It’s this feeling…i’m too tired to read or do anything productive but i just have problems falling asleep…

I just want to have a better sleep pattern and all…


3 thoughts on “Insomnia

    • Thank you for the compliment! I learned english on my own because we did very little at school. But unlike the popular impression more and more people from my country know english…it’s a universal language after all and if they want to go outside of the country to work they need it…so yeah 🙂

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