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I want a cat so so bad…they are my favourite animal…i love dogs too…but since i was born…i had cats all the time…and now i miss having one…

I love how cats come to you and ask for affection…i love that they are so sleepy and cute…they play and give you energy somehow…and when you work or study they will sleep beside you and you will never feel alone…

They are so fluffy and they purr…and they show you affection too…

Cats are great….i miss having a cat…

Now i can’t because i live in the house with my aunt uncle and …my niece…and she’s just 3 years old…and she wouldn’t know how to play with it and would hurt it…

Writing this made me think of that little song…

“Soft kitty ,warm kitty, little ball of furr

happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr”

With love



2 thoughts on “Want

    • Hey, thanks for the comment! Yes! Cats are usually safe for kids…but not all of them…and if they get angry because the kid is bothering them too much then they can scratch a bit…
      And some people don’t want to take the risk…after all…the kids safety is first..



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