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I need to sleep less…and eat healthier…and do more work…and sleep earlier…and i just lack the motivation

Somehow i am so weak…i choose to sleep more…and procrastinate doing my work so much…i HATE myself so much….why am i so weak…

I just need to get my shit together…

I will start on monday…because i really can’t tomorrow…but i will. 

I will keep you updated on my progress…

I’m gonna make my habit…and i’m gonna be what i want to be!

I have to change…and i will….i will…


8 thoughts on “Habits

  1. Hi Kitty.
    I just have a few little things to say. We all have times where we hate ourselves, mostly because we don’t seem to be able to meet up goals we have set for ourselves.
    However as I said, everyone faces this, and yes. You will change to the better part of you that you desire. Just don’t let happenings like this discourage you. ❤

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