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Dream big

I really really want to go to medicine university…but i’m scared i’m not good enough…not smart enough…

It’s not enough just to like biology and to want to do good to people…

Being a doctor requires some kind of inteligence…and some skills…and i’m afraid i don’t have the capacity…that j’m not able to do it…and i won’t make it…and even if i do make into the uni…will i be able to finish it? Can i study that much? Am i able to become a doctor…

These are all questions that hurt my heart and poison my mind…i know i should just work hard…and keep my dream…and don’t give up…and just have faith…

But…i’m afraid…i’m afraid of loosing…i lost this year…and i feel such a looser…looking at my ex classmates…they all got into university…and i’m just staying home…and preparing like a fool….

I feel weak…and afraid…and lost…and nothing can confort me…

I need a cup of courage…someone? 😦


8 thoughts on “Dream big

    • I watched it he explains exactly what happens when you fail…becoming vulnerable…scaling down ambitions…i think this is what i feel right now…the need to give up and try something easier…
      It’s hard to have the positivity and the right mindset for success…
      But as he said “You only lose when you give up” …
      I promise i won’t give up!
      Thank you so much for this…it really helped!

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      • I’m glad the video helped you! It’s helped me as well, because there are times when I’ve thought about scaling down my ambitions. But like you said, we only lose when we give up! Somehow it will all work out, even if the answers aren’t apparent yet.

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  1. As long as you are preparing for your exams, it shouldn’t hurt you. Also, please keep in mind that studying for medicine is not the end of the world. There are so many other careers related to that. Keep your head straight and keep it up

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