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I always hated people smoking…it’s such a bad habit…it gets your breathing smelly and damages your teeths..and hurts your lungs…and just no happy side of this…

My whole family is smoking….so i’m used to it…but even so i choke while breathing beside them while they smoke

Anyway…to get to my point…i just turned 18 when i first smoked…and i loved the feeling i got…i felt like a grown up…i felt dizzy like when you drink too much…and then…i felt calm…it’s strange how i never thought a simple cigar will make you feel so good and calm…i just loved the feeling…

So i smoked about a month…and only like 3 packs of them…because my lungs felt sick…started coughing..and i was afraid…

Now…these days…i’m missing the feeling smoking gave me… I mean…i still hate the concept because i know how bad it is for the health…but still…i really miss smoking..just one cigar..

Don.t be afraid. I promise my boyfriend i won.t smoke again…it.s just that i miss the dizziness and the calm feeling…


10 thoughts on “Smoke

    • My whole family smokes and i see how this is a very very bad habit…
      I myself had asthma when i was little and everytime i stand in a room with smoke i suffocate.
      I am aware this would do so much damage to my health and that’s why i don’t smoke 🙂
      Thank your for the advice 🙂


  1. That’s ok. It’s a lovely sunny summer morning here in New Zealand today. The shops are getting very busy with the Xmas rush especially with one of our big Malls closed because of the earthquake. What’s it like where you are?

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    • Oh here in Romania is winter
      Today has snowed pretty hard but it was not enough cold for the snow to stay so it kind of melted 🙂
      We are all excited about the Christmas coming and joyfully cleaning our houses and slowly preparing for the holydays 🙂
      I’m sorry to hear about the earthquake…was it big? Is everyone okay?


      • 7.5 and a 6.8 (i think) at the same time at the top of the South Island, I live at the bottom of the North Island so it shook pretty good. Heaps of huge slips and train tracks, roads destroyed down south, not many deaths thankfully. Some buildings in Wellington and Lower Hutt closed due to earthquake damage. Flooding the day after created lots of slips on the roads around Wellington. The day after that there was a small tornado just up the coast from here!! You should come to New Zealand, it’s a pretty exciting place!

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        • Wow…so many events in so little time! Im glad there were not many deaths. I will definitely visit New Zealand sometime! I love to travel and I heard how amazing this country is 🙂
          You should visit Romania too…my country pretty cool too! We don.t have tornados…we do have earthquakes but not big enough to cause that trouble 🙂
          Sometimes it snows so much that the roads are closed but usually after a few hours they clean them and it’s okay again…and sometimes it rains so hard that the rivers are flooding some villages…
          But beside these…we don.t have any trouble haha.. 🙂


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