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Time stop

​I am traveling with train from a city to another city in my country…it.s a 10 hours long distance…

So i just thought it’s wierd how time passes while being on train…almost like traveling through time…

BUT then i remembered that time when time stopped for me…when i flew from my country to England and we were flying with the same speed sun was moving on sky…so the entire flight was a sunrise for me…the sun still rising..the sky still coloured…it was magical…just like time has stopped…
That was the moment when i felt like time stopped for me to enjoy the view forever and then keep it dear in my heart…

I couldnt believe how the sky was burning with pink and red coloured clouds and the sun warming my soul…and then…all of a sudden the plane started the landing process and while loosing height…we entered the dark clouds beneath us…and it was like we entered another world…because it was all dark…clouds…fog…and rain…i just could not believe the difference…
Since then everytime it rains and i feel down i remember all the way up…there is sun and the clear sky…just like happiness deep inside me…


16 thoughts on “Time stop

    • Thank you so much for your nomination. I will write the post as soon as i get to a computer because on the phone is quite hard
      Thank you again for thinking about me!
      Have a lovely weekend ! ♡

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