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Grown up already?

I wonder how was it for other people to realise they are grown ups 

I mean…for me it was and still is a shock…all my life i was a kid…and suddenly i had some exams got out of school and now i have to face life like i have been prepared for this…but they never prepared me for anything. We were always told we are kids…we know nothing…we are immature…we can’t know whats good and bad and can’t make decisions… and then suddenly they kick us out of the school and tell us we’re grown ups now and have to make decisions on our own….

We are told to shut up and sit down for 12 years…and after that one day we are thrown into the world to stand up life…

How is this right? How am i supposed to know what life is and how to manage it… Suddenly we are given “freedom” and responsabilities and i swear i don’t know what to do with them.

I hate this system so sooo much.

I mean…i learned a lot in school…i always had good grades…i was a quiet “well raised” kid…and did my job as a student…

But after 12 years of school…i learned nothing…in a couple of months i forgot most of the information they teached me….it was all useless…i will never use that complicated math again…and if i need informations i will always google it….

So what is school? As i didn.t learn anything about life…i just learned informations i already forgot…

And at the end of the road…i am stitting here confused about life…about choices…about everyting because all my life i was thought to do some things and now all of a sudden i have to do exactly the opposite…

And i’m wondering…am i the only one that feels this way? 


4 thoughts on “Grown up already?

      • You just put a big smile on my face 🙂 !
        Thank you so much for accepting this award 😀 . Please take your time.There is no rush.And by the way it is my pleasure to honour you.
        All the love ♡♡

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