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Hard time

Soo…it’s been a pretty hard time for me…

My workout is weak and i get muscle pain and it gets so frustrating

And recently i found out that the military admission test has changed and i have to run 2 kilometers in 9 minute and a half…i can’t even run them in 10 minutes how it was before it changed….all i can do right now is 12 minutes…

I feel so down…in april i will have the admission and in still can’t run that fast…

I fell like i will never make it…

I know i have to stay strong and work more and more….but everyday i feel more close to the exam and i feel more and more unprepared….

I need to believe in myself but i just can’t right now….

I’m scared…and it’s just so hard…the training and learning and the routine….and i feel alone …because even though i have people around me…i feel they don’t really know my pain…

It’s so much pressure upom me because all my future depends on how i do now…and it just scares me…

I want to be a kid again and not have to think about future…why did i had to grow up ??  I was just fine as a kid…


7 thoughts on “Hard time

  1. It’s okay to feel this way sometimes. If you never feel negative, you’ll never truly appreciate feeling positive. Just remember there IS hope out there. You can make it 🙂 You can.

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  2. 2 KM in 9 minutes and a half… Geez, that is hard. You’re not alone, I can’t reach that time either. I bet that if you keep on practicing, have a good attitude and never give up, you’ll be able to do it!!! Part of it comes from the mind!

    With that being said, it’s totally fine and normal to feel frustrated. I just hope that you keep going at it and then eventually reach your goal! ❤ Good luck, Kitty!!!

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