New year resolution 

​I forgot to post my resolution for this year

But they say it’s never too late..haha

• get into med school

• Be more pozitive

• Be more organized

• Be more confident

• learn to love and accept myself

• take care of myself more

• read at least 12 books

• appreciate things, people, moments more

• procrastinate less

• stress less

• photograph more and post the photos

• better time management

• keep my nails long and stop biting them

• less “i’m sorry” more “thank you”

• improve my english

• give more gifts

• spend more time with my brother

• don’t swear that much anymore

• maybe get a driving license?… Maybe…

• improve my judging and giving feedback skills for the debate competitions


• travel and Be happy as much as i can 🙂



No one got where they are today without work…this is my lesson…i need to learn that without working a bit and keeping my priorities straight i cannot reach where i want to. Life is hard and we must fight for what we want. And i know later when we reach our dreams we will be proud and will apreciate it more because we worked so hard for it. 

I’m only 19…i need to sometimes forgive myself for the mistakes i do and constantly remind myself i have a dream and i need to fight for it. It’s hard after i lived in the world of highschool and where i had no real responsabilities to face the real life…and to actually work for my dream and future…

It’s very hard to see all my ex classmates in the university and not to feel bad…

But this year will pass..i will work hard and eventually i’ll be better.

“So will I.”


​I long for colured morning sky…the smell after a summer rain…seeing the sky full of stars…breathing in he montain air while hearing the river flow sound and the wind through the trees… i miss wearing just a fee clothes…and feeling the sun embrace me and warming my skin…

I really live for the sun…and the warm weather…

These days i feel suffocated…and sad…

I want my summer paradise back…


I need to sleep less…and eat healthier…and do more work…and sleep earlier…and i just lack the motivation

Somehow i am so weak…i choose to sleep more…and procrastinate doing my work so much…i HATE myself so much….why am i so weak…

I just need to get my shit together…

I will start on monday…because i really can’t tomorrow…but i will. 

I will keep you updated on my progress…

I’m gonna make my habit…and i’m gonna be what i want to be!

I have to change…and i will….i will…